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Terms and Conditions :

  1. 1. Customer shall be entitled to cancel an order of any Product, only before the Order has been shipped.
  2. 2. Cancellation of the order can be done logging on to ecommerce website of Mayvil Services Pvt. Ltd. Securing order number and sharing the Order Number with Mayvil Services Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. The Customer will be bound by the Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy on (ecommerce website and shall not hold Mayvil Services Pvt. Ltd. (“Company”) liable for any loss that she/ he may incur due to cancellation and or return of the order.
  4. 4. Goods Returns after Dispatch of Products for Prepaid transaction is only applicable in case of damage to packaging and wrong product shipment.
  5. 5. No exchanges of products will be allowed.
  6. 6. The Products shall have to be returned at the expense of the Customer.
  7. 7. For Distributors : Unsold packets can be returned
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